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Coilology Premium Handmade Coils – Multiple options


Coilology Premium coils are 100% handcrafted throughout the whole process. Their quality and durability is incredible

Alien – 3x 26awg cores, 36awg wrap, 3mm diameter 0.1ohm resistance (dual coils)
Interlock Alien – 3x 26awg cores, 36awg wrap, 3mm diameter, 0.11ohm resistance (dual coils)
Staple Alien – 8x 0.3*1/ 36 awg wrap, 2.5mm diameter, 0,14ohm resistance (dual coils)
Framed Staple Alien – 2x 28/4-.3* .1/ 36awg wrap 2.5mm diameter 0.13ohm resistance (dual coils)
Tri-Core Staggered Fused Clapton – 3x 26awg cores, 36awg wrap, 3mm diameter, 0.1ohm resistance (dual coils)


You will receive:

1 Set of 2 coils

1 Piece of Organic Japanese Cotton

1 Plastic Container

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